You and your team will feel victorious as you tackle Ragnar Trail Atlanta-GA on April 12-13, 2019. Only 30 miles from Atlanta but with a feel a world away from city life, this scenic course is set at the Georgia International Horse Park, a former Olympic venue, featuring smooth single track, challenging climbs and spectacular descents surrounded by Georgia pine forests and bridge-covered streams. Each member of your team will complete three trail loops — each a beautiful run on their own. Meander along the Yellow River, tackle the twists of an Olympic mountain bike race course, swoop through curves and bound over granite slabs. Combine the adventure of racing through the star-filled night with the camaraderie and excitement of Ragnar Village — it’s a weekend romp through the woods that none of you will forget. Teams are welcome to start your Ragnar Trail adventure on Thursday. Join us early for a bonus night of fun with your friends! Promo code: TEAMBGR is up and running for all open races, $100 discount for all 2019 Road and Trail relays in the US and Canada.